A long, meandering hike to the high point of Carlsbad Caverns National Park from the north. We drove in via Queen and then a long, but well maintained dirt road. Following a track from peakbagger, we started up the confusing trails in Cave Canyon, accidentally climbing a hill too far west before realizing our mistake. The trail is well maintained up to the first mesa - from there it becomes an unstable mess of cowpaths and overgrowth.

The descent to Aqua Dulce Seep is steep but well ducked. From there, it's right back up the far side of the canyon to Munson Tank. The views from the tank are expansive to the south...perhaps all the way to Mexico. The 4wd road along the ridge meanders up and down over intermediate bumps before we took off cross-country to tag the Open Hollow North "summit" There was a register along the NP boundary fence which suprised me given that about ~1 party a year visits this very remote and unimpressive point.

Feet | Meters
Natural Atlas (US)

5.8 mi to summit

11.7 mi total


5,860 ft start

6,630 ft max


2,366 ft gain

2,632 ft loss


4 hr 1 min to summit

8 hr 4 min total

Route name

T210 / Munson Tank / Guadalupe Ridge


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Key gear

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