8,448 ft / 2,575 m


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May   29%

April   12%

July   9%

Most climbed route

Left of main gully.

"Two high points that are similar in height I traversed to get both peaks and the one marked here on the Peakery map which is the farther one to the south. No major issuesalong the ridge just a little snow, there seemed to be an easier way for anything that seemed to be difficult. Snow mainly just on the ridge and very few trees for ticks to hang around on although I did see a tick on a rock. Their were also some interesting fossils at one point" - Randy, Apr 3, 2016
"CSMC trip. Didn't find a "normal route" trail (left of main gully). Took to the right of main gully. Was interesting. Almost no snow. Good scramble and work-out. Descending: normal route." - alexp, Mar 29, 2015
"This was an awesome trip! We went off trail and went straight up the face and ended up on the summit. Tons of cool scrambling and fossils. Took the regular route down until we went into the creek to investigate some bear tracks. This ended up on perilous down climbing and bush whacking. Made for a real adventure." - mathias-strangemann, Jun 21, 2014
"A change from the plan... An old favorite, great weather with clear sky, very little wind and new hikers. Just over 3 hours up, about 2 hours down. Barbara and Myself. Elevation gain for the peak 1000m, YTD elevation gain 52588m." - MtnJohn, Sep 28, 2012
"A very nice sunny day, Started out at only +1c and up to about +12c on the summit with almost no wind. Time up for Randy about 2h15m, for Myself about 2h25m, for Kati about 2h30m. Randy, Kati, Myself. Elevation gain for the peak 1000m, YTD 43634m." - MtnJohn, Aug 25, 2012



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