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July   26%

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Icehouse Canyon

Class 1
"Ended up being a warm day, more so along the ridge at the top where there is minimal shade. After summit this peak, I "swung by" Bighorn Peak. As always, I swear somebody adds more rocks to the trail at the bottom 2 miles while I'm out hiking!" - marc, Jul 15, 2018
"WOW - I liked this hike much better than Mt. Baldy. Once you pass Icehouse Saddle, there are no crowds (I saw 2 people on a weekend). I actually saw more bighorn sheep on this hike (4)! I have all the hike details and turn by turn directions on my blog here: http://bit.ly/1IaAuuc" - HikingGuy, Aug 22, 2015
"There were so many tourists packing the parking lot! All of them with their brand new gear and shuffling about on the blacktop with their trekking poles. LOL. Yeah, I'm a hiking snob, I admit it. I was so relieved when I got past the Icehouse Saddle and onto less populated trails. If I can't talk to myself without worrying about embarrassment, it just isn't hiking for me." - jimduvall, Jun 20, 2015
"Hiked up Icehouse Cyn to Icehouse Saddle, then over to Ontario Peak. Left Ontario and went down a ridge (on the north side) to Sugarloaf Peak, then down Falling Rock Cyn to the Icehouse Cyn trail back to the parking lot. 2 fer 1." - thesearcherextraordinaire, May 17, 2014
"We backpacked from Middle Fork of Lytle Creek. Camped near the waterfalls at 3rd stream crossing. The Following Morning we hiked up to the Ice House Saddle and Hit Snow just before then. It was all snow from the Saddle to the Summit on a beautiful day with Incredible Viability. We drank some beers, smoked a joint, and enjoyed the views." - 1-with-Nature, Mar 9, 2014



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