12,132 ft / 3,698 m


3,083 ft / 940 m


17 summits

Top climbing months

April   35%

November   23%

June   17%

Most climbed route

Olancha Pass/PCT + Scramble

"Overnight trip up Olancha with some cool Orange County WTCers. Stayed at a bench off the PCT. Water levels are getting a bit scarce but there were a few spots off the PCT. I can't imagine they'll stick around long. It's also a bit buggy, especially before Olancha pass. Big scramble up to the peak. There are couple spots to start from, both marked by ducks. Many paths go and it's not nearly as bad as it looks from a distance. Incredible views of the lower Sierra, with Kaweah featured north and especially flattering views of Crag to the south." - JustinB, Jun 10, 2018
"Oh my god. The plan was to do Olancha as a snow climb. After reading recent trip reports, we expected there to still be plenty of snow on the route, so we were prepared with our ice axes, crampons and most of us had snowshoes as well. We drove up from Vegas on Friday and set up camp at Sage Flat. Since most of us worked on Friday, we weren't able to get there super early, but most were able to set up camp & get to sleep by 8-10pm. Wake up time was 1-130am & we were on the trail at 205am. The trail was clear of snow until about 7500, where it got patchy. A couple hundred feet higher and " - Kevin, Apr 22, 2017
"Overnight trip out of Sage Flats. Incredibly dry for any time of year, let alone April. Resorted to melting snow for water. Scramble to summit was steep but enjoyable. Views to Langley, Whitney, Kaweahs, great Western Divide. Not much snow in the high country." - edg, Apr 3, 2015
"After a week backpacking in the Grand Canyon and then a day running around Death Valley i decided i still wasn't done. So i headed to Sage flat by Olancha, Ca. I camped at the trailhead and got rained and snowed on all night. The next morning just before sunrise i headed up the Olancha pass trail. Less than 1 mile up and i was walking in 1" of snow already. The climb wasn't to bad and the early morning views over the Owens valley were awesome. Approaching Olancha pass the snow was 2-3" becoming 4-6" around Summit meadow. Lots of fresh animal tracks in the snow up there. It was really peaceful " - DerekJayRichardson, Nov 2, 2014
"This was a side trip from the PCT section hike I did from southern Kennedy Meadows to Echo Lake, SLT. Super fun scramble with a view of the high Sierra peaks to come. Awesome." - galinabean, Jun 6, 2012



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