7,201 ft / 2,195 m


2,275 ft / 693 m


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August   100%

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olallie butte trail

"Nice little 7 mile roundtrip hike up moderate trail. Does include a trespass onto the Warm Springs Reservation to get it, but I wasn't up there long enough for anyone to notice. The Whitewater fire west of Mt. Jefferson was putting up some pretty thick smoke and looked like it was pretty out of control. Lots of yellow butterflies at the summit that were fluttering through on the breeze. There are the remnants of a lookout that looks like it was blown over at the summit. Pretty cool piece of history." - oregon-mt-goat, Aug 4, 2017
"First time hiking Olallie Butte while camping at Olallie Lake. It was awesome! Great views of Mt. Jefferson and were even joined by some mountain goats for lunch at the summit." - D-Cap, Aug 28, 2015



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