11,204 ft / 3,414 m


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11 summits

Top climbing months

July   33%

September  25%

June   16%

Most climbed route

From Zermatt over Schwarzgrat

"Second peak of the day. Went to Unterrothorn, then down the back and up the Oberrothorn. Not as challenging as it might appear, but worth every penny and every step. The views of the Matterhorn are riveting from every corner on the trail all the way from Zermatt. Perfect weather for the trip. Stayed at Fluehalp... excellent place. A full moon night, I could not sleep well after coming down and kept thinking of going up again- even asked if anyone wanted to go, but had no takers. This summit is also known as the Freedom Path, and is the highest unguided hike in Europe. Several large suncatchers" - MtnJohn, Sep 12, 2011
"Immediately prior to joining a Mountain Ventures climbing course. Solo. I left Zermatt at 08:00. After reaching Spitze Flue went along Schwarzgrat . I climbed two pinnacles and subsidiary top. Grade II. I ascended Fluehorn 3317m – scree slopes both sides. There was more grade II climbing to tops at 3272m and 3230m. Near the summit of the latter I dislodged a small stone which rolled down the mountain, striking a very large boulder which also rolled down the mountain and across the length of the glacier to the north. I reached the path to the Oberrothorn, and used it to reach the summit of the " - peter43, Aug 7, 1983


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