Troms peaks

958 peaks

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6,007 ft / 1,830 m

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6 summits

Most prominent peak

Store Lenangstind

5,170 ft / 1,575 m prom

Troms summits

58 summits

First Ascent Awards

43 of 958 peaks 4%

Top climbing months

January 28%

July 21%

May 18%

Top ranges

Lyngen Alps

Troms mountains highlights

"My wife, son and I started early in the hope that we would make the trip in 1 day. After taking a break halfway at some hiking cabins we made our way up to the summit. While on top we enjoyed a well deserved meal and we took in the amazing views. A total trip of about 26 km and we were back in the car! " - Nonstinden, guen0062, Aug 31, 2014
"My wife, son, nephew, a class friend and I enjoyed a beautiful Sunday hike. The weather was perfect and their were hundreds of people on the mountain as we made our way up the summer route and down the winter route. " - Tromsdalstinden, guen0062, Aug 24, 2014
"Bad weather at first but the fog melted away during the day. Some distance to walk in towards the mountain and a somewhat steep hike at one part. Nice view down from the backside of the mountain." - Tromsdalstinden, Jens-Lifeliver, Jul 23, 2014
"Over 25 Miles and 4000 feet of elevation gain is not an easy task for a short afternoon break, so I had to organize a Bike to get closer to the Mountain. Even though with the Bike it was a very close call to get back to the Ship on time before being stranded in Tromso. All in all it was all well worth it and being rewarded with a gorgeous view and great weather." - Tromsdalstinden, Nuernberger, Jul 29, 2013
"My Destination of the Day was Mt.Floya which is a little bit further up from Storsteinen. Beautiful view overseeing the whole City of Tromso. The weather could have been nicer but then again I appreciate to be even able to do such mountain in Norway on a short break from busy Ship Life:" - Floya, Nuernberger, Jun 30, 2013

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