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299 ft / 91 m


195 summits

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July   17%

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August   15%

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North Twin Trail


  • North Twin Mountain forms the north end of the Twin Range of the White Mountains.
  • The summit of North Twin is reached by the North Twin Trail, which ascends from the village of Twin Mountain via the Little River Valley.
  • Three stream crossings may be impassible in high waters.
  • The summit offers an open ledge with views to the west.
  • The North Twin Trail continues south along the crest of the Twin Range about one mile to the taller summit of South Twin Mountain.
"Enjoying a weekend exploring the Whites. Started on trail Friday morning via shuttle (left a car at Zealand parking area). Hiked up to Garfield and the made our way back over the ridge where we spent the night at Galehead Hut before moving on the next day through the Twins and the Bonds. Woke up the next morning and started up the steep climb for the Twins, then over to the Guyot and the Bonds (amazing!) and out through Zealand. We were trying to beat a storm so we passed on Hale - made it to the car with thunder in the distance and a crack of lightening and downpour just as we shut the do" - deb-and-rob, Aug 12, 2017
"Great weekend in the White mountains! Hit North Twin and South Twin, and made our way to Galehead. Galehead was my friends #48 to finish the NH 4000 footers. From there we hiked to Garfield campsite, next morning hiked to Garfield summit and down and out The Gailriver tail." - blackwolf_03278, Jul 29, 2017
"The original forecast said that it would be clear all day with a possibility for a passing storm in the late afternoon. When I started at 6:30am it was overcast and drizzly, I was hoping that it wouldn't last. The first couple miles are really flat with almost no gain at all. There were three water crossings, two of which I was able to rock hop and one that I was able to use a down tree a little ways up from the marked crossing. The next 2.3 miles were all up hill. I put my shell on right before emerging from treeline because it was a little windy and still overcast and drizzling. The rest of " - LGH-Tom, Jun 28, 2017
"Awesome day with awesome friends and awesome weather! We started at the hale fire warden bushwhack and headed to north twin in thick cloud cover. When we reached the summit the clouds parted so we enjoyed a few moments in sun before heading to south twin in a near white out fog. We headed to the galehead hut next for lunch in the sun and bagged galehead and then headed out to our second car on the road after the long boring hike down. Couldn't have bee" - shay-shay, Apr 3, 2017
"Doug and I set up a car spot just in case. We did not know what the trail would be like after a recent snow storm. We made our way up past the Fire Warden's Tr then found ourselves breaking trail for the rest of the day. 3rd crossing was not an issue. Usual long hike to reach the summit. We were socked in the clouds on the summit." - newenglandwarrior, Apr 2, 2017



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