10,085 ft / 3,074 m


2,725 ft / 831 m




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Top climbing months

July   40%

August   40%

January   20%

Most climbed route

SE ridge

"Started at pole creek trailhead at 5:30am and headed up camp lake trail until about 6200 ft when I jumped off and started overland towards the SE ridge of North Sister. Made the ridge by about 8am and began my ascent around the gendarmes. I got pretty lucky picking my route and never had to retreat when choosing left or right around the obstacles, although the exposure on some where pretty hairy. I made the intersection with the south ridge around 10 and thanks to the detailed info on summitpost started making my way along the upper ridge. Once I arrived at the terrible traverse I was glad I h" - oregon-mt-goat, Aug 29, 2014



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