14,019 ft / 4,273 m

#69 in Colorado

#115 in United States


234 ft / 71 m

#2,301 in Colorado

#11,939 in United States


35 summits

#83 in Colorado

#1,057 in United States

Top climbing months

July   34%

August   25%

September  20%

Most climbed route

Bells Traverse from Maroon Peak

Class 5


  • North Maroon is a famous Colorado 14er in the Elk Range.
  • It along with Maroon Peak encompass the famed Maroon Bells, two of Colorado's most iconic peaks.
  • North Maroon is the more difficult to summit. From its base it looks unclimbable without ropes.
  • The two Bells are separated by about a third of a mile and both are usually counted as 14ers despite the sub-300 foot prominence of North Maroon.
  • The traverse between the two Bells is one of the four great Colorado 14er traverses. Summiting both Bells in one day via this traverse is known as "Ringing the Bells".
  • The view of the Maroon Bells from the Maroon Creek valley is one of the most famous scenes in Colorado and is reputed to be the most-photographed spot in Colorado.
  • These mountains are often called "The Deadly Bells" due to the loose, unstable, maroon-colored rock found on all routes. Many have died.
3 summits • 14.1 mi • 3,570 ft gain • Class 4
1 summit • 12.9 mi • 4,284 ft gain • 12 hr 33 min