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"2 semaines solo de pure plaisir à faire du hiking à différentes places dont les Whites Moutains.3ieme journée et je suis enfin rendu dans les Whites!!! Je commence avec cette suite exigeante de sommets. De Cannon à Kinsman. La vue est malheureusement complètement obstrué par le brouillard. Je ne peux pas admirer la vu du notch" - fsoucy76, Sep 19, 2018
"Thought we were getting a sunny day but summits along ridge were socked in. Hit Kinsman Pond and Bald Peak too. Must have been some sort of AMC thing going on. Large groups of hikers everywhere on the ridge." - Alohabuffy, Jan 20, 2018
"Very long but rewarding climb. The trail itself didn't seem that hard, but somehow it felt physically taxing. I'm sure it wasn't helped by the thousand percent humidity that morning... This was my first time using trekking poles and they turned out to be really useful! Thankfully, the morning fog lifted and the view was great. North and South peaks, Snickers and patches at the Lonesome Lake Hut, then french fries at the Lincoln McDonald's." - gooner, Aug 19, 2017
"2nd peak of the day after nabbing Bald Peak and then reaching the Kinsman Ridge to hike both summits. The 0.4 mi along the ridge to the north summit was no joke! Man was that a steep climb/scramble after 3.7 mi of hiking already under my belt. The view from the lookout on North Kinsman was the highlight of the trip. Great view of Franconia Ridge, Cannon Mountain, and Lonesome Lake." - HikeLikeMike, Jul 22, 2017
"This was for my final AMC mentored hike. We had a slow person with our group. So we did both Kinsmans at a 1 mph pace. Everybody's spirits still seemed good. I made a lot of mistakes and learned a lot from this hike. When we got to N. Kinsman, we were socked in the clouds, so we headed to S. Kinsman" - newenglandwarrior, May 27, 2017



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