Eagles Ridge, Mt Barney solo. Tested out time estimates for the 10-peaks day and was seeing where my fitness was at. Only new ground I covered was an attempt on the Comino-Waring Ledge of Leaning Peak.

After scrambling up onto the start of the ledge, there was a few metres of tricky exposed scramble followed by a short section of poor grip rock that had been smoothed out by water. Onward was slightly easier going, with safe platforms to rest on and a line of vegetation which was quite soothing in between me and the sheer drop into nothingness a few metres to my right. Nearing the far side was another tricky scramble across a narrow 1.5m ledge where a fall would certainly be my last. On a lichen-covered surface, I put some weight on a crimp only for it to crumble off and tumble into the void—and with it my faith in any nearby holds. Taking a moment to calm myself, I then shimmied over to a nest-like flat platform bordered by a sturdy bush, which I sat in with my feet dangling out. Immediately past this was a vertical wall of 8–10m climbing and although there were plenty of holds I was not going to attempt this without a rope, so I turned back.

5:34am to 5:43pm. Spent 1:30 at Leaning Peak and it cost me having sunlight for the last kilometres of the walk back to the car.

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Eagles Ridge


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