3,610 ft / 1,100 m


1,160 ft / 353 m




59 summits

Top climbing months

March   16%

November   11%

August   10%

Most climbed route

Bushwhack from Devil's Path

"Visiting the canisters on North Dome and Sherrill for a winter round. The day started off cloudy then as I headed up to North Dome the clouds cleared revealing a solid blue sky with sunshine. As I near the top the warming temperature and sunshine is causing ice on the upper tree branches to fall like little ice bombs. Occasionally a tree fully unloads the ice encrusted on it in one sudden drop sounding like a large animal bolting through the trees." - Nimblefoot, Feb 26, 2018
"On the first day of winter Ed and I visited the canisters on North Dome and Sherrill. Did a creative whack up along Hagadone Brook then found a nice broken track between the peaks. Went light weight and left the snowshoes in the car but should have had them so as to not ding up the broken track." - Nimblefoot, Dec 21, 2017
"Climbed North Dome and Sherrill on another fine fall day of clear blue sky and sunshine. Very quiet hike today as I didn't see a single sole until I got back to the parking lot." - Nimblefoot, Oct 2, 2017
"Out doing the dreadful three; Sherrill, North Dome and Halcott; to finish up the month. After visiting the canister on Mount Sherrill I headed over to North Dome via herd paths which are getting easier to find and follow." - Nimblefoot, Aug 28, 2017
"Steve and I joined Tom and Laura for a wet bushwhack of Mount Sherrill and North Dome. Wet feet/clothes and strolling through nettles. Tried a different route off of North Dome that didn't quite work as expected, too much dependency on technology and no visuals due to the low clouds." - Nimblefoot, Jul 27, 2017



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