3,610 ft / 1,100 m


1,160 ft / 354 m


64 summits

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March   18%

November   9%

January   9%

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Bushwhack from Devil's Path

"Three of us hooked up with Joe, Shari and their dog Alice to do a romp over Sherrill and North Dome. Hillsounds or microspikes most of the day. Visited the view looking toward St Anne’s and West Kill mountains before heading down the ridge to the Fisherman’s PA." - Nimblefoot, Jan 2, 2019
"Hitting the canisters on North Dome and Sherrill for the month of April. Both peaks are complete, 12/12 months, for the second grid. Sprinkles on the windshield on my way up Rt 28 out of Kingston was not a good sign. Fortunately the morning only brought light snow flurries from an overcast sky then the afternoon broke up the clouds revealing blue sky and sunshine. April fools day and I’m still wearing snowshoes on soft snow that is disappearing fairly quickly, just need more days in the 50’s." - Nimblefoot, Apr 1, 2018
"Ten of us got together to visit the canisters on Sherrill and North Dome with the ever enthusiastic Kathryn P. These peaks were her #38 & #39 toward her regular round of the Catskill 35. After photo shenanigans at the canister on Sherrill then at the view toward the south/east we hopped on a broken track heading toward North Dome. Unfortunately the trail breakers ran out of time and/or energy around the 3200 foot level leaving us to break the final 400 feet in ellie gain. We tried to find an open route without pushing through thick spruce and getting snow dumped down our necks. There were plen" - Nimblefoot, Mar 18, 2018
"Visiting the canisters on North Dome and Sherrill for a winter round. The day started off cloudy then as I headed up to North Dome the clouds cleared revealing a solid blue sky with sunshine. As I near the top the warming temperature and sunshine is causing ice on the upper tree branches to fall like little ice bombs. Occasionally a tree fully unloads the ice encrusted on it in one sudden drop sounding like a large animal bolting through the trees." - Nimblefoot, Feb 26, 2018
"On the first day of winter Ed and I visited the canisters on North Dome and Sherrill. Did a creative whack up along Hagadone Brook then found a nice broken track between the peaks. Went light weight and left the snowshoes in the car but should have had them so as to not ding up the broken track." - Nimblefoot, Dec 21, 2017



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