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Stafford Creek Trail #1359

"What a great day to get over to the Teanaway - perhaps the only place around where it wasn't dumping rain. It's nice when the weather forecasting is accurate, and it was today, with the Teanaway area partly sunny while the Cascades were supposed to be, and were, drenched. Recent trail reports have been accurate with conditions, but with conditions changing daily, a few additional observations: We're saying the road is "rough but passable," on 9703 - I think pretty much any car could navigate the potholes, but I'd be more concerned if there is a lot of recent rain (like today), as the road " - BryHong8, May 22, 2016
"Before Navaho Peak, I went to near by Earl Peak. From Earl I headed down into the basin to the East, pretty much straight toward Navaho Pass. The basin is still full of snow. I had to get around a few rock ridges, but it wasn't too bad. From the pass, a trail leads up to Navaho Peak. Navaho has a great view of the eastern side of the Stuart Range. Bugs were a bit of a nuisance but not horrible. " - MangyMarmot, Jul 8, 2012


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