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By Lee Canyon

"We did the Mummy Head to Toe hike, which is a traverse over Mummy's Nose, Mummy's Forehead, Mummy's Chin, Mummy Mountain (Mummy's Tummy) and Mummy's Toe. There were a couple of short class 4 sections and some exposure during a traverse from the Forehead to Chin, but everyone did well. This was my first time trying the full traverse - I had been to each of these summits multiple times, but not all in the same day. When all was said & done, we did around 13 miles with about 5200 feet of gain, according to my Garmin GPSr. This would have been more fun if there wasn't so much damn smoke in the" - Kevin, Aug 11, 2018
"Killer Summit!!! Views even to the snowy Sierras and Telescope peak. Harlan Led me up the 2,200' in 1.7 miles to the Nose today for My 1st time. It was fitting because I have a case Rhinitis my Daughter gave me. Haha. It was a steep forested climb to some cliffs from Deer Creek Rd. We then traveled along the head wall below the summit then topped out. Very exciting and scary because there was a lot of loose rock near the top and I never felt stable. The only thing that helped was to climb with feet and hands even tho it's not totally necessary. Going down is less scary for me because my boots " - paula.raimondi, Jun 10, 2016
"Up the trail from Lee Canyon to the saddle between the nose and the forehead. Climbed up to the forehead, traversed over to the chin via the ridge, back to the saddle, up to the nose, and back down to Lee Canyon." - jasonj, Jul 26, 2015
"Led a hiking group up today. We took an east ridge variation up towards Mummy's Nose, then descended to the saddle & took the class 4 route to Mummy's Forehead. From there, we traversed the steep & exposed knife-edge ridge to Mummy's Chin. This was a bit difficult this time due to the strong winds. We descended the North Fork of Deer Creek & walked the road back to our vehicles. Great day with some strong hikers" - Kevin, Sep 21, 2013



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