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"Wanted to try something tough and new to me. We started at the Fletcher Canyon Trailhead and hiked through the canyon all the way up to North Loop Trail. From there, we hiked to the NLT/Trail Canyon Junction, then continued on NLT for a short while longer before starting up the 'hard way' gully. This seemed harder than last time I came up this gully. We exited a chute to the left just before reaching the top of the gully, then made the short hike to the summit. We descended the standard scree slope route and took Trail Canyon down to a shuttle vehicle we had parked at that lot. I'm glad t" - Kevin, Sep 1, 2018
"6 peaks (Mummy, Lee, Mt Charleston #61, South Mt Charleston H.P., Griffith & Harris) 23 miles, 8,400’ gain (the most vert. gain I’ve ever done in one workout), 14 hours. Very epic day in the mountains for me. My plan was my own version of a multi peak hike in the Spring Mtns. I woke a bit late so I was discouraged at the start but I kept moving forward and accumulated what I could. I got my 10th new ascent route to Mt Charleston. I traversed the entire North Ridge from Mummy (for the 1st time. Very sketchy in spots) I ascended Lee Peak from the ridge for the 1st time and went farther on South " - paula.raimondi, Aug 25, 2018
"We did the Mummy Head to Toe hike, which is a traverse over Mummy's Nose, Mummy's Forehead, Mummy's Chin, Mummy Mountain (Mummy's Tummy) and Mummy's Toe. There were a couple of short class 4 sections and some exposure during a traverse from the Forehead to Chin, but everyone did well. This was my first time trying the full traverse - I had been to each of these summits multiple times, but not all in the same day. When all was said & done, we did around 13 miles with about 5200 feet of gain, according to my Garmin GPSr. This would have been more fun if there wasn't so much damn smoke in the" - Kevin, Aug 11, 2018
"We had originally planned to climb Charleston Peak today, but we were all feeling lazy, so we settled on Mummy. We had to make sure we got home in time for the Golden Knights game! Trail Canyon to North Loop to Scree Slope." - Kevin, Jun 2, 2018
"4.23.18 Mummy Summit #11, hillwork. 8.6 miles, nearly 4,000’ gain, to 11,500 ish feet in 3:44hr total in some snow conditions. Had to hurry due to a late day obligation with the family so I ended up getting some of my fastest times. Up TC in :48, cave springs in 1:03, mummy tree in 1:27, Summit in 2:35 (with snow conditions I had to spike up for), down scree slope in 6 min with NO rocks entering my shoes! Entire route in 3:44!!! BOOM." - paula.raimondi, Apr 23, 2018



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