9,453 ft / 2,881 m

#53 in Arizona

#6,206 in United States


4,578 ft / 1,395 m

#8 in Arizona

#111 in United States


27 summits

#6 in Arizona

#766 in United States

Top climbing months

May   21%

December   14%

July   10%

Most climbed route

Old Baldy Trail


  • Mount Wrightson is the highest peak in Tucson, Arizona area.
  • Lies in the Santa Rita Mountains.
  • Known for the spectacular view from its barren peak, nearly 7,000 feet above Tucson some 30 miles north.
  • Mt. Wrightson's distinctive pyramid-shaped profile is visible from much of southeastern Arizona and adjoining areas in Mexico.
  • The shortest route is the Old Baldy Trail, a steady climb of nearly 4000 feet over 9 miles round-trip to the exposed summit.
  • The Super Trail, also from the Madera Canyon trailhead, is not as steep but is far longer.