9,453 ft / 2,881 m


4,578 ft / 1,395 m


25 summits

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May   23%

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July   11%

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Old Baldy Trail


  • Mount Wrightson is the highest peak in Tucson, Arizona area.
  • Lies in the Santa Rita Mountains.
  • Known for the spectacular view from its barren peak, nearly 7,000 feet above Tucson some 30 miles north.
  • Mt. Wrightson's distinctive pyramid-shaped profile is visible from much of southeastern Arizona and adjoining areas in Mexico.
  • The shortest route is the Old Baldy Trail, a steady climb of nearly 4000 feet over 9 miles round-trip to the exposed summit.
  • The Super Trail, also from the Madera Canyon trailhead, is not as steep but is far longer.
"My dad and I left Gilbert around 2:45 am and made the 2+ hour drive to Madera Canyon. We started in the dark using my headlamp and his flashlight and hiked for about an hour until it was light enough to see. The views on this hike were great, and for much of the trail you can see your destination. This was the highest peak my dad has ever hiked, and he hadn't been doing any training, so he really had to take his time. This was good for me though since I was able to really take my time and appreciate the scenery. We talked with several people going up and down, and one guy was training for" - ZachTeich, Mar 16, 2017
"While visiting family, decided on a hike. Mt Wrightson being the highest summit in close to Tucson, I opted for it. To my surprise there was snow near the top. I came across some bobcat tracks in the snow. On the way up I paused and read of the three boy scouts that died in an unexpected blizzard. That was sad. The hike was pretty cool. When I was heading up, there were Native Americans practicing song, which made the hike very surreal.. like out of movie!" - Brandon-Shinsplint-, Dec 21, 2015
"6 mile climb to the summit of Mount Wrightson. Elevation gain of just over 4000'. Hiked with Richard Sakorsky, who is a member of my group; AZPeakBaggers. Fun day and the last hike before I leave for Mount Rainier!!" - darinwilson, Jun 13, 2015
"From the upper parking area, I hit the Vault Mine/Old Baldy trail at 12:30pm with a few clouds above. On the trail I only ran into two other hikers, early on near the start of the Vault Mine Trail, so it seemed the entire mountain was mine for the afternoon. Made Josephine Saddle in just under an hour and the Baldy Saddle a little more than an hour later, after stopping several times to photograph some short-horned lizards along the trail. At the summit the weather was perfect. Those earlier clouds had all burned away and other than a bit of haziness the views were grand. After a little time t" - LZ, Aug 29, 2014
"Went to the top with my dog Ted. He truly impressed me as there were feet of snow from 7000 feet up. Last mile from Baldy Saddle to summit was very difficult as deep snow sapped the energy from me. My dog was in hog heaven as this was his first time in the snow. Coming down was fast but treacherous with deep drifts of snow and icy declines. First summit of 2012 and it was awesome!" - bsargus, Jan 2, 2012



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