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September  33%

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August   22%

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Mount Wilson-El Diente Ridge

Class 4


  • Mount Wilson is a Colorado 14er and the highest in the San Miguel Mountains, a subrange of the San Juan Mountains.
  • One of the most difficult 14ers to climb; the easiest route is a Class 3 scramble on loose rock. The final, airy moves to the summit give many pause.
  • Its neighbors are 14ers Wilson Peak and sentimental favorite El Diente.
  • The mile-long ridge traverse between Mount Wilson and El Diente is one of the 4 great Colorado 14er traverses.
"We started the traverse from El Diente sometime around 11:00 AM and made our way back to the point where we met the traverse on the south slopes route. Our last 14er turned out to be a really fun route and we made our way over to Mt. Wilson in near perfect weather. The final obstacle may have been the hardest single move on a Colorado 14er and I thought it was the perfect way to finish. The view from the summit could very well be in contention for the best from a 14er. After some time on the summit we made our way back across the traverse, which went much quicker this time, back to El Dien" - Yosemike, Oct 7, 2013
"Big exposure on final summit ridge with dark, dark clouds right overhead... adrenaline. See my summit log for El Diente for trip report from the El Diente-Wilson ridge traverse." - scott, Jul 11, 2013
"Began at Rock of Ages Trailhead at 9pm, July 5. Hiked about 3 miles and stopped to set up camp at midnight. Had some rain and quite a bit of wind. Slept until about 3:45am; began hiking again at 4:30am. Peaked El Diente at 9:20. Completed the great El Diente/Mount Wilson traverse and peaked Mount Wilson at 12:10pm. Returned to the Rock of Ages trailhead, finishing at 6pm." - Globetrotter87, Jul 6, 2013
"There was a bit of snow in places on the mountain. Slipped on it in 3 different areas and nearly fell down the mountain. Mount Wilson was my San Juan finisher of the ranked 14ers. Did not hike El Diente. 19th 14er, and the last one I would ever do." - SummitsofBC, Sep 13, 2010



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