8,214 ft / 2,504 m


1,568 ft / 478 m


52 summits

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"This Mt. Williamson (8,214') refers to the USGS summit, the first from southeast to northwest on a ridge called Pleasant View Ridge. It is an easy hike up from Islip Saddle along the Pacific Crest Trail to a good use path that leads up to this summit. The top is barren and has fantastic views out top the coastal plain, other mountains, and desert at the same time.There is no summit register here, as the Sierra Club Hundred Peaks has it on Peak 8,244' which is a short ridge walk northwest of this one. This is my 2nd hike to both 8214 and 8244. Today, however, both were the 1st and 2nd of 6 p" - brianpowell, Jul 1, 2018
"I didn't really expect to be hiking this weekend, as there was a strong chance of rain and thunderstorms. But by the time I went to bed on Friday night, the chances decreased somewhat for the Mt. Williamson area, and I thought that if I got an early start, I'd beat the storms. I started hiking at 6:25am from the parking area midway between Eagles Roost and Islip Saddle where the PCT crosses Angeles Crest Highway (as described in HPS route 2). The ridge line between the PCT and Mt Williamson was very windy. I'd planned to continue north / northwest from Mt. Williamson along Pleasant View Ridge," - HikerMark, Jul 18, 2015
"A nice hike up the PCT to the summit. One of the best views north of any mountains in the San Gabriels. Spotted a dust devil down in the Mojave along with some great cloud formations spreading across the desert. Third time up and I'm sure I'll be back again." - Christopher, Jul 15, 2012
"As my first 'high altitude' (not sea level, lol) I struggled, after a very long day, to reach Williamson's Summit. The sweep wouldn't let me give up--and I learned a valuable lesson!" - Mountain-Rain, Jul 24, 2010
"Disaster with the Sierra Club led trip. Was supposed to climb Islip but there was too much snow. Went to Williamson instead but had same problem at the top and couldn't find way down. 8 hour hike." - srphilip, May 16, 1992



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