14,375 ft / 4,382 m


1,645 ft / 501 m


32 summits

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July   37%

August   18%

September  15%

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Shepherd Pass through Williamson Bowl

Class 3
"This is a big mountain. After bailing on Williamson last Labor Day after climbing Tyndall, I went back with an even more intrepid set of partners to try again. TH parking was full on Saturday so ended up ditching car on side of road (to be continued...) and hiking up the road for a bit. Uneventful but warm climb up to Anvil Camp. Sunday we got a fairly leisurely start at 7am which turned out to be too late in the day for this big of a mountain. Climbing up Shepherd Pass was made eerier by the set of deer carcasses strewn about the bottom of the hill. Bear? Mountain Lion? Snow Drift" - edg, Sep 2, 2018
"Day 3 of a 4-day trip in the Shepherd Pass area. I was well-acclimatized from climbing Trojan and Barnard the day before. I joined up with a group of three strong hikers I met at camp near the pass and left to tackle Williamson at 5:30a. I was in the Bowl the day before, so I had no problems route-finding our way to the Black Stain. There was one frozen snow field along the way that needed to be hiked around (long) or slid down (sketchy). We climbed to the stain and the monstrous chute up through the West Face revealed itself. We climbed the chute, not taking a single break until reaching the " - klotito, Sep 3, 2017
"One does not simply hike up Williamson. Big Willi was the second 14er of our three night trip. We camped one night at Anvil camp below Shepherd Pass, and two nights near the lip of the Williamson Bowl. After spying on the West Face route from the summit of Tyndall the previous day, we had a good idea of how to get through the Williamson Bowl and to the base of the route. After dropping in the bowl, follow the prominent ridge on the moraine that holds back the lake closest to Mt. Tyndall. Contour along the talus to your right to avoid a couple cliff bands in the center of the bowl. Stop a" - benjineer, Aug 28, 2017
"Did this as a 3 day trip to also climb Mt. Tyndall. We started the day prior hiking up ourselves and all of our gear to Shepard's Pass and the first lake. Very exhausting. My GPS said 10 miles and 6700 feet of gain. We filtered at the pass's first lake but didn't both at the Williamson Bowl. The bowl was non trivial with about 500 feet of gain each way. The black stripe is the one farther to hiker's right. There is a fainter one on the left, don't be fooled. The proper black stripe has black rock to the right of it. The chute was extremely exhausting. It is worth noting that rockfall is a real" - Irrationalist, Aug 15, 2015
"Hiked up to 2nd Lake via Shepherd Pass on July 3rd with Amber, Doug & Brenda, then went to bed early. Amber, Brenda & I got up and started hiking to Mount Williamson through Williamson Bowl around 3am via the standard route up the chute/chimney, getting back to camp only moments before a horrible afternoon hailstorm. The next morning, we slept in until 7am, then Amber, Doug & I headed up to Mount Tyndall via the North Rib, again returning to camp a few minutes before a rainstorm. After napping for a few hours, I got up & hiked to Polychrome Peak solo to watch the sunset. We hiked out on Ju" - Kevin, Jul 4, 2015



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