4,285 ft / 1,306 m


255 ft / 78 m


245 summits

Top climbing months

June   16%

August   15%

September  11%


  • A wooded summit but just south of the summit there's an open ledge with good views of Crawford Notch
"2 semaines solo de pure plaisir à faire du hiking à différentes places dont les Whites Moutains. Pour cette série je voulais faire Avalon, Willey, Field et ensuite arriver sur Tom pour le coucher du soleil. La journée était parfait pour cela. Aucun nuage, ni rien! Et finalement, à mon arriver sur Tom, des gros nuages se sont mis de la partie. Donc je suis repartis sans avoir de photo de coucher de soleil.... Mais j'ai mes 4 sommets! :)" - fsoucy76, Sep 27, 2018
"Solo. 7/48. As I was driving to the trailhead this morning, big angry grey clouds were looming over the mountains I decided to bite the bullet & just go for it, hoping it would clear off. I started my hike around 0815, (& later learned this is considered the “hard way” to do it!). I passed three AT thru hikers in the first half mile of climbing. After that, it leveled out a bit, but the trail was absolutely saturated, it must’ve rained overnight. Thankfully it didn’t rain at all while I was out. Footing was tricky and after the first 1.6mi, my legs finally succumbed to their fate and stopped b" - kellieirene, Aug 27, 2018
"AH - MAZING day in the whites! No clouds...just sun and no wind either! Throw in feeding the gray jays and we were happy as pigs in slop. Got Tom, Field and Willey on the books for April." - shay-shay, Apr 23, 2018
"Bagged with Field and Tom. Ideal weather, despite reports of snow on some higher peaks the day before. No clear signs for the Ethan Pond trailhead (or Willey House Station Rd) until about 10 yd down the path, where it splits right and away from Ripley Falls. The Willey Range Tr segment between Ethan Pond Tr and the Willey summit was unrelenting in steepness and proved to be quite tiring, even with the help of wooden ladders. But from the Willey viewpoint onward, the hike was a breeze. The path is quite narrow at points, but overall very pleasant. It was a very clear day, so even the limited vi" - gooner, Sep 2, 2017
"First time all the way up the steep side, tried and failed last winter after mega snowstorm. Now I realize why. But it is a good hike and doing the 'ladders' a must. Lunch on the Outlook is great. But clouds would not go away so views were a little muted. Checked out Ethan Pond on the way down. Camp site was busy." - Alohabuffy, Aug 26, 2017



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