1.6 mi to summit

3.2 mi total


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840 ft gain


39 min to summit

1 hr 12 min total

Solo. Started out around 17:30. The first part of the trail is easy going with some roots and rocks- after maybe a quarter mile or so it gets very rocky with some interesting cylindrical water breaks. It’s clear this trail is well loved (2-3 people could walk side by side up the entirety of it.) but it has had work done to it in the form of stone steps and blowdowns being cleared. I passed 2 pairs of hikers and one solo, all on their way out. About .75mi of the trail is a steady and easy uphill, then for the last portion of the hike it is a flat wide dirt path with some occasional bedrock. The view was absolutely stunning at the top and I had it all to myself. I had planned on staying for sunset but as time passed I noticed things were just getting more cloudy and more grey, so I abandoned that idea and headed back down. It got progressively more windy on the descent which had me a bit nervous about trees giving way, the gusts must’ve hit around 35-40mph. I flipped my headlamp on for the last ten minutes or so of the hike and had no issues finding my way. A nice start to this years New Hampshire “adventurecation.”

Route to summit

Unknown route


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Key gear

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