8.30.19....Mt Whitney #3 w/Maia. Tallest Peak in the contiguous US at 14,505’. No poles, small packs, minimalistic fast trek, drinking from the streams. 22 miles, 6,200’ gain, 9:45hr (nearly 4 hours faster than my best.) Up in 5:59hr :25min on top, down in 3:21. My goal this year was to get a PR, which I accomplished, but the best part was sharing the trip with Maia. It was a quick outing but we packed It full of fun and joyful friendship memories in the Beautiful mountains (camping too!)🌻🤗🤗🌻The 2 activities we did totaled 27 miles, 7,500’ gain. (The Next day, 8.31.19, we climbed the Mt Charleston Summit)