14,505 ft / 4,421 m

#1 in California

#17 in United States


10,075 ft / 3,071 m


498 summits

Top climbing months

August   29%

July   19%

September  18%

Most climbed route

Mount Whitney Trail

20.3 mi • 6,250 ft gain • Class 1


  • Mount Whitney is the highest peak in the contiguous US, and amazingly lies just 76 miles west of the lowest point in North America at Badwater in Death Valley National Park (282 feet below sea level).
  • The western slope of Whitney lies within Sequoia National Park and the summit is the southern terminus of the famous John Muir Trail.
  • The most popular route to the summit is by way of the Mount Whitney Trail which starts at Whitney Portal, 13 miles west of the town of Lone Pine. The hike is about 22 miles round trip with an elevation gain of over 6,100 feet.
  • The "Mountaineer's Route", a gully on the north side of the east face first climbed by John Muir, is considered a scramble and is frequently skied in the spring.
  • The East Face offers a classic technical route.
  • Permits are required year round on this very popular mountain.
  • Mount Whitney is the highest point in Sequoia National Park.
238 summits • 20.3 mi • 6,250 ft gain • 14 hr 52 min • Class 1
1 summit • 5.3 mi • 6,109 ft gain • 6 hr 34 min