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Starr King trail


  • Mount Waumbek is part of the Pliny Range of the White Mountains. On some older maps it is known as Pliny Major.
  • A colony of gray jays live near the summit year round.
  • The Starr King Trail climbs moderately to the summit of Starr King where there used to be a lodge, then to the wooded summit of Waumbek.
"Kilkenny Ridge Traverse with Doug. 2nd peak of the day. Never done the section between here and South Weeks. There is a view beyond the summit. Also, lots of bushy places on the trail." - newenglandwarrior, Aug 3, 2017
"After dropping Doug off in Gorham at 4:15 am, I drove over and tried to sleep in the parking lot of Waumbek for about an hour. Started up at 5:30am when somebody showed up in the parking lot. " - newenglandwarrior, Jul 28, 2017
"About a week past the peak of foliage, but absolutely stunning nonetheless. I felt like I was experiencing a sensory overload from all the vivid colors on the trail floor. At one point, we thought we heard a bear or disgruntled moose and made sure we had hiking poles at the ready for self defense. (Turned out to be a bloodhound at a local residence... How mundane...) The entire hike was through a good ol' mountain mist, and from the Starr King summit onward, it was chilly enough to require the gloves and tissues we had brought along. Down in time for hot chocolate and shopping in Lancaster bef" - gooner, Oct 9, 2016
"Continued on to Waumbek after Starr King. Slight drizzle, no views from the summit. Could see a little bit of a view on the ridge line right before the summit. This was my official halfway point of the NH48." - LGH-Tom, Jun 8, 2016
"It snowed overnight. Wanted to do something quick since I needed to head back to Portsmouth. Went up using snowshoes but the snowdepth wasn't that great. Socked in by clouds on Starr King. Didn't stay long at the summit of Waumbek. On the way back down, fell down tweaking my neck. Hurt for a couple of days. Further along, noticed that 2 of my crampon spikes on my snowshoes were damaged. Took them off and barebooted the rest of the way. Lots of ice underneath that thin layer of snow (about 3 inches). Slid down and had a couple of minor falls while heading back to the car." - newenglandwarrior, Jan 13, 2016



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