6,288 ft / 1,917 m

#1 in New Hampshire

#20,086 in United States


6,148 ft / 1,874 m

Top climbing months

July   20%

August   17%

September  16%

Most climbed route

Tuckerman Ravine Trail

Class 2 • 4,256 ft / 1,297 m gain


  • Mount Washington is the highest peak in the Northeastern US and the most prominent peak in the Eastern US.
  • Famous for its dangerously erratic weather - be prepared in any season for huge swings in weather.
  • Long held the world record for the highest wind gust directly measured at the Earth's surface, 231 mph.
  • Many trails lead to the summit, including the Appalachian Trail, which crosses the summit.
  • Lakes of the Clouds Hut, one of the Appalachian Mountain Club's eight mountain huts, is located on one of the mountain's shoulders.
  • The mountain has two prominent glacial cirques. Craggy Huntington Ravine offers rock and ice climbing in an alpine setting. And by far the more famous Tuckerman Ravine is New England's classic late-spring pilgrimage for spring backcountry skiing as late as June.
  • Unfortunately, an auto road and also a cog railway lead to the summit.
  • Agiochook (also spelled Agiocochook) is the name used by some Native American tribes. It means "the top is so hidden" or "the summit of the highest mountain".