10,243 ft / 3,122 m


2,323 ft / 708 m


48 summits

Top climbing months

July   33%

June   22%

August   22%

Most climbed route

Dunraven Pass


  • Mount Washburn is a prominent mountain peak in the Washburn Range in Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming.
  • One of the most popular day hikes in Yellowstone and has an easy fireroad to the summit.
  • On the summit is one of three active fire lookout towers in Yellowstone.
"Fair amount of snow still left to hike through. Hit by a fast moving storm with lightning and hail. Had to hunker down off the side of a ridge for about 25 minutes before hitting the summit." - KevinAB, Jun 22, 2014
"This was listed as one of the best day hikes in Yellowstone. My wife said I could not hike it by my self. She came with. The hike did take longer but the company was great. We met people from all over the world. A young man from Great Briton could not believe the natures wonders at Yellowstone. " - glensailsbury, Oct 7, 2010
"Great weather, and beautiful scenery, perfect but dangerous motorcycling roads. Dangerous because of sightseeing and animals, I almost hit a full grown female moose. I can't wait to go back to Yellowstone." - valkyreel, Sep 30, 2010


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