4.5 km to summit

4.8 km total


2,200 m start

2,871 m max


714 m gain


3 hr 0 min to summit

5 hr 50 min total

An interesting day, chosen due to smoke and suffering from a sore knee of late. Went with a CSMC trip, along the way we picked up a random along the trail and then lost the trail approaching the col and scrambled up some loose stuff. Lots more loose stuff along the main route up the ridge, as others have said a helmet is a great idea here. After stopping at the archway for a photo, the hiker we picked up was climbing down from the arch and decided to toss his bag for extra mobility. The bag ended up rolling through the archway and all of the way down the sheer north face of Tyrwhitt never to be seen again. Summited and had to give the guy a lift back to calgary as he had no keys or wallet in order to get home. Even though this is a short hike, recommended just for the arch itself.


stream crossing

Key gear