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North Rib

"Day 4/4 in the Shepherd Pass area. It had rained for 2 hours overnight and the wind was gusting at 40 mph in the morning. I got wet filling my bottles when a strong gust blew across the lake. Perhaps against my better judgement, I made an attempt at the peak, mostly thinking how I didn't want to hike up the Shepherd Pass Trail again. I hiked up to the Sierra Crest and right before climbing onto the North Rib, the wind died down. Sensing that I had a window, I climbed as fast and hard as a could, reaching the summit in 1:15 h from camp at the pass. At the summit, the winds started picking up an" - klotito, Sep 4, 2017
"North rib from Shepherd Pass with Matt & Alissa. Backpacked in to Anvil Camp on Friday. Moved camp up to the pass and then climbed the rib from the crest on Saturday. Climb was an incredibly enjoyable easy class 3. Yes, some loose talus, but overall a very fun climb. Bit of snow in the chute to the summit ridge, but avoidable with some slight detours. Williamson West Face route looked gnarly from the summit... saving that one for another day." - edg, Sep 2, 2017
"Spent the previous night at Anvil Camp. Saw a bear just before reaching Anvil, didn't have bear barrels, so one of my buddies got to build us a bear hang. Fun! Anyway, we trudged up Shepherd Pass, which due to the heavy snow year, was still mostly buried in snow. The "trail" there is in shambles. It's basically a scree slog. Topping the pass, you get a beautiful view of Tyndall, and the north rib route is pretty obvious. I would HIGHLY recommend the North Rib to anyone looking for a great scramble. The rock is clean, the angle steep and sustained, but not so much that you would fall to" - benjineer, Aug 27, 2017
"We started off at the Shepherd Pass trailhead early on Saturday morning. Made a basecamp near Pot Hole. The next morning headed to Shepherd Pass and ascended via North Rib. The last portion of the Rib was still covered in snow so we cramponed the last 50 ft. Descended along northwest ridgeline to Tyndall West." - seancasserly, Jul 2, 2017
"Did this day 3 on my trip. Day 1 - Shepards Pass. Day 2 - Mt. Williamson. Day 3 - Mt. Tyndall and out. Much easier than I anticipated on the North Rib. Made it up in 1hr 50 and down in 1 hr 45. I stayed "right" until about half way up and then went onto the slabs. I really feel that if you are comfortable on friction slabs this peak is cake. There are even handholds to use quite often! If you shoot too far right like two of our compatriots it becomes quite challenging and intense. My partner and I swung left at the "bump". The bump is a large peaklet at the top of the rib. If you swing left he" - Irrationalist, Aug 16, 2015



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