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Aspen Grove


  • 2nd highest mountain in Utah's Wasatch Range (after Mount Nebo).
  • Lies in the Uinta National Forest.
  • An Ultra 57 with 5,269 feet of topographic prominence.
  • Towers over Utah Valley, including the cities of Lehi, Provo, Orem, Pleasant Grove, American Fork, and Lindon.
  • Experiences very heavy winter snowfall and avalanche activity is common in winter and spring.
  • One of the most-visited summits in the Rocky Mountains despite a required 14-mile round-trip hike with almost a mile of elevation gain to the summit.
  • 2 main trails of nearly the same length to the summit. Hikers on the trails climb through montane forest, subalpine and alpine zones. The hike is marked by waterfalls, conifers, rocky slopes and ridges, mountain goats, and a small lake, Emerald Lake, at 10,380 feet.
  • "Timp Glacier" is a rock-covered mass found on a long, north-facing slope, and is snow-covered for much of the year.
"Drove up from Vegas Friday night. Started from the Timpooneke Trailhead and hiked the trail to the summit. We debated glissading down the steep snow slope, but there was a rescue going on, so we just took the other trail back to Aspen Grove, where we had other cars. We saw a TON of mountain goats on this hike. This is definitely one of the most beautiful hikes I've done! Waterfalls, towering cliffs, goats, a beautiful meadow - this hike had it all! The only thing I didn't like were the hoards of people." - Kevin, Aug 5, 2017
"Arrived at the TH at 8:30am to find it full. Parked half a mile down from the TH. Reached the summit at 1:00PM, made it back to the TH by 5pm. One of the best hikes in Utah!" - John7050, Sep 13, 2014
"WHAT A HIKE!!!! 3 Cachers + 2am start with only 4 hours of sleep + 19.6 miles + 4,487 feet in elevation gain + 12 hours = PRICELESS! Until yesterday I wasn't even sure I was going to be able to even make this hike. I have been INCREDIBLY busy at work getting ready for a project that is going to fully in compass my time for the next 60 days or so. I got a really good night sleep on Friday night and felt like I could pull it off. I decided to sleep at home and rise at Midnight and drive down. Saturday night around 8 pm as I was laying down, to try and sleep, a fast moving thunderstorm moved " - Pip-Boy3000, Sep 7, 2014
"I started off the trip around 2am, it was raining and cloudy and it pretty much stayed that way the entire hike. I came prepared for it and the hike turned out to be very enjoyable. The scenery is outstanding. Highly recommended hike." - CacheMACS, Sep 14, 2013
"Started off at 1am. Reached summit at 6:40, just a few minutes before sunrise. Very cold. The glacier was not in good shape this late in the year. Tried to make bacon and pancakes at the top, not successful. Started down around 8am and got down by 12:30. A very long day on no sleep." - chilledsausage, Sep 10, 2011



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