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Southwest Slopes


  • Mount Temple is located in the Bow River Valley between Paradise Creek and Moraine Creek and is the highest peak in the Lake Louise area.
  • Dominates the western landscape along the Trans-Canada Highway from Castle Junction to Lake Louise.
  • Several routes for climbers and the normal route on the southwest side offers a moderate class scrambling route.
"Labour day trip up Temple. Cloudy and cold on summit with some fresh snow. One crack of thunder/lightning on the descent just below the yellow cliff band. Some members of our party felt "electricity" through their trekking poles, needless to say we quickened our descent to the relative safety of Sentinel pass although experienced no more lightning. At least a dozen other adventurers on the mountain that day." - frankvan, Sep 5, 2016
"Nice weather, partly cloudy. The views would come and go from the summit. Lots of people on the mountain of all levels of experience. Helped some people down the crux. They were unsure of were to go, but so was I since I had climbed up a more difficult section to the left of the gully so I was looking for the easier route down, we made it. Glad to finally get to the top of this 11,000er " - Randy, Aug 26, 2016
"2014/SEP/20 TL;DR: Easy Climb in some parts, Crampons/Helmet/Ice Axe strongly recommended. Moderate + Scramble. It rained hard on the many switchbacks right up until I reached the Col above Sentinel Pass where I was greeted by a German family (I took their family photo). Then the weather turned to wet snow. This was my first real attempt of a Mountain this Size, so needless to say the `gear`I packed was not very suitable for Mountaineering. I ended up crawling on my hands a knees to get off the snow capped summit, and I have not the slightest clue as to how I survived the descent of 2 fairly" - AskTheMountain, Sep 20, 2014
"From what I know it was a rather late time to attempt Temple. But the weather forecase was really good that day. It lasted over 3/4 of the way up....then the snow came and the COLD!! And almost any view whatsoever was gone! My clothing was marginal--could have been worse, could have been better. Only spent 10-15 minutes at the top because of the cold--finers were froazen, both sets of gloves were wet. Was nearly blineded going down-the high winds were pelting my face with snow/ice pellets. But the whoile experince was awesome. I just have to go back on a nice day a get the views. My camera" - mike.buenting.7, Sep 9, 2012
"Easy (but for tragic reasons) to remember the date of my first climb on Mt. Temple. Went with a large group from the CORE club - via Sentinel Pass - to the summit. Sunny dry weather. Minus-7 at the summit, plus-7 in the valley bottom. Phenomenal experience and scenery!" - geoffc, Sep 9, 2001



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