9,735 ft / 2,967 m

#902 in California

#6,348 in United States


715 ft / 218 m

#889 in California

#3,620 in United States


96 summits

#25 in California

#302 in United States

Top climbing months

July   23%

August   20%

September  14%

Most climbed route

Mount Tallac Trail (1-way)

5.2 mi • 3,228 ft gain


  • Lies close to the southwest edge of Lake Tahoe in the Desolation Wilderness.
  • A "cross of snow" is clearly visible on the mountain's face during the winter and spring months.
  • Of the several trails leading to the summit, the Mount Tallac trailhead is the most-frequented. This 5-mile one-way trail has an elevation gain of 3,250 feet. The trail takes hikers past Floating Island Lake and Cathedral Lake on their way to the summit.
  • On the southern side, next to Lilly Lake, is Glen Alpine trailhead. While a slightly longer route to the summit, (5.7 miles), this trail brings hikers to Gilmore Lake at 8,300 ft, only 1,400 feet below Tallac's summit.
  • A popular backcountry skiing peak.
33 summits • 5.2 mi • 3,228 ft gain • 6 hr 22 min