1,437 ft / 438 m


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January   13%

July   13%

March   9%

"Hiked with my wife, and a some friend. Enjoyed the calming sound of the forest all the way up to the hut. The grass part of the summit and the 360-view of Laguna de Bay is its main feature. Locals are kind and accomodating." - frankoie, Jun 24, 2018
"Love the eco-diversity of the trail! lots of nature sounds and lovely during a great weather. Not that difficult to trek and the view from the summit is AWESOME (overlooking Laguna de Bay and neighboring provinces)!" - ramng, Nov 8, 2014
"We did a night trek. The boat's motor we rode going to Brgy Janosa gave up in the middle of the lake and we had to wait for a few minutes before it went up and running again. Being on the last trip is really a pain since you would stop on each brgys to drop off people. It ate up valueable time since we reached camp by 3am. Tired and exhausted but still fun. " - Jeph-Li23, Sep 1, 2013



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