9,415 ft / 2,870 m

#17 in Washington

#6,853 in United States


5,354 ft / 1,632 m

#6 in Washington

#74 in United States


28 summits

#46 in Washington

#902 in United States

Top climbing months

July   32%

August   25%

September  25%

Most climbed route

Cascadian Couloir

8.1 mi • 6,445 ft gain • Class 3


  • Mount Stuart is the highest mountain in the Alpine Lakes Wilderness in the Cascade Range of Washington.
  • 2nd highest non-volcanic peak in Washington, after Bonanza Peak.
  • Like many Cascade peaks, Mount Stuart is more notable for its local relief than for its absolute elevation. The south face rises 5,000 feet in just 2 horizontal miles. The northeast and northwest sides of the mountain exhibit similar steep relief.
  • Due to its location away from higher peaks, Mount Stuart has 5,354 ft prominence, making it the 6th most prominent peak in Washington.
  • The rock of Mount Stuart is unusually rugged and unstable, due to the extensive jointing of the granite.
  • The standard route is the Class 3 Southeast Route up the Cascadian Couloir. It ascends the gully to a false summit just southeast of the main summit and finishes along a short ridge. The route involves scrambling, and often, steep snow.
  • More technical climbs can be found on the complex north face of the mountain, including the classic North Ridge (5.7).
15 summits • 8.1 mi • 6,445 ft gain • 14 hr 45 min • Class 3