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Southeast Slopes

"As part of the Little Beehive - St Piran - Niblock - Whyte - Devil's Thumb - Beehive 2000m elevation 26km 9 hrs. Really nice switchback ascent in the spruce bushes. Spectacular view. Thought I just followed the ridge to Niblock but no such luck. Had to descend all the way to the bottom of the debris cone." - alexjoseph, Jul 21, 2018
"Little beehive- st piran -;( niblock - wyhite unsuccessful) traverse. Heavy snow and wind led to us making the decision to return down st. Pirans North East slopes. Great wx until then led to some iconic views!" - ken_hercules, Sep 18, 2017
"After getting through the crowds of people by lake Louise, and even up to Lake Agnes Teahouse, this turned into a beautiful and easy hike. No scrambling involved at all. Fairly cloudy at the summit and views were pretty limited, but we did this as part of a traverse to Mount Niblock and continued on our way. " - cfree, Aug 14, 2016
"Clear skies for the afternoon. I think I might have also done little beehive if I would have realized it was on Peakery, but this is my third summit of the day (Fairview & Saddle mountain in the AM) so no complaints just more reasons to return. Took alternate descent and watched two people climb down the cliffs at the top of the scree it looked near impossible but they did it and they made it look easy. They had summited Mount Whyte. I'll be back!" - Randy, Oct 4, 2015
"CSMC trip. 5-peak traverse: Little Beehive - St. Piran - Niblock - Whyte. The group decided to skip Devil's Thumb and descend to the Plain of 6 Glaciers directly. Was a bad decision which added a lot in distance. " - alexp, Jul 18, 2015



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