12,965 ft / 3,952 m

#912 in Colorado

#1,253 in United States


1,453 ft / 443 m

#118 in Colorado

#1,560 in United States


7 summits

#283 in Colorado

#3,607 in United States

Top climbing months

July   28%

January   14%

May   14%

Most climbed route

Thompson Lake trhd


  • Mount Sopris is a high, twin-summitted mountain peak located in the Elk Mountains.
  • Notable for having two summits, East Sopris and West Sopris, that are .5 mile apart and have exactly the same elevation.
  • Dominates the skyline of Carbondale, serving as an unofficial symbol of the area.
  • In terms of local relief, it is one of the largest peaks in the state of Colorado.
  • West Sopris rises 6,250 feet above the valley to the west in only 2.5 miles.
  • The Mount Sopris Trail ascends to East Sopris via its east ridge. It starts near Dinkle Lake, on the northeast side of the mountain, and passes between the two Thomas Lakes just before reaching timberline. The ascent involves about 4,300 ft of vertical gain (plus 600 ft for a round-trip to West Sopris, if desired) and 12 miles of hiking (plus 1 mile for West Sopris); it is a strenuous trail hike, with some scree.