4,926 ft / 1,501 m


577 ft / 176 m


97 summits

Top climbing months

June   20%

August   19%

July   19%

Most climbed route

Four Corners approach


  • Many climbers carry a stone to add to one of the two immense cairns on Skylight's summit. Supposedly failure to do so will guarantee rain on the descent.
"What was a questionable start to the day quickly turned into the perfect day to climb some high peaks. Summitted Marcy and Skylight before spending the night down at Lake Colden." - Right-On, Jun 15, 2018
"#45, with Caet Cash. The beginning of this day can be found on my Gray Peak log. After summiting Gray Peak, we headed down rapid fast out to the trail to the 4 corners. The trail conditions were still great, all hard packed, only spikes required. The 4 corners sign was pretty close to being underneath the snow. We made a relatively slow ascent of Skylight as the snow was a bit snotty and boy this sucker was steep! When we topped out, we were reminded of the sub zero temperatures as the wind was really blowing, and we took in the amazing scenery around us while looking for a good wind block (wh" - kellieirene, Mar 5, 2017
"Unbelievable hike, my third time was a charm! This was my wifes 1st time, we went up the Phelps trail, a moderate hike all the way. It was cool and partly cloudy skies but the clouds were high and the views were plenty. When we summited Marcy we figured we were feeling good so we decided to do Skylight and Gray. Skylight was another Gem and really not much effort coming from 4 Corners. Gray was actually the toughest of the three because it was steeper and more rugged terrain plus we were already 10 miles and two mountains in. But all three were worth every step, we then went out via the direc" - hbotc, Jul 30, 2016
"Probably the furthest mountain from any roads. The second peak of the day. Incredible views all around. Worth going back to on a sunnier day. Went back through Avalanche Pass." - newenglandwarrior, Jul 22, 2015
"Enjoyed an excellent day on the trails with our son and two friends hiking the Loop for Gray, Skylight and Marcy from the Loj. We started out at the Loj around 6:30 am and took our time through the floating bridges to Feldspar L2 and then onto Gray and the 4 corners to Sky and finally Marcy. The day was hot and humid (~85) but it was sunny and beautiful with bright blue skies. A great day!" - deb-and-rob, Jul 11, 2015



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