14,159 ft / 4,316 m


353 ft / 108 m


12 summits

Top climbing months

August   50%

July   25%

September  25%

Most climbed route

Swiss Arete 5.7


  • Mount Sill is one of the 14 Califonia fourteeners.
  • Located in the Palisades, a group of striking rock peaks with a few small glaciers on their flanks.
  • Located 0.6 miles east of North Palisade, the high point of the group.
  • The two peaks are connected by a high, rocky ridge, on the north side of which lies the Palisade Glacier.
  • Summit lies on the main Sierra Crest but on a point where the crest turns sharply, giving it particularly striking summit views.
  • Routes on Mount Sill are found on all sides of the peak and range in difficulty from scrambles (Class 2-3) to moderately technical rock climbs (Class 5.7).
"Hiked from the TH to Sam Mack Meadows on Firday (7). On Saturday Kelly and I started at 6:45 with climbing gear to try the 'Swiss Arete' route. We had a long day and we run out of water. I was feeling light headed and dehydrated by the time we got back to camp at 8:45 PM. I was very happy we made through this one without getting hurt. " - Nei, Sep 6, 2014
"Started from Pine Creek TH, followes South Fork trail to Willow Lake cutoff, then cross country to setup basecamp at Lake Elinor Lake. The following day summited Sill. Rain in the evenings, but mornings were clear. A lot of cross country with little (if any) use trails from Willow Lake cutoff." - TCH, Aug 18, 2013



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