14,159 ft / 4,316 m

#9 in California

#70 in United States


353 ft / 108 m

#1,894 in California

#8,067 in United States


16 summits

#393 in California

#1,962 in United States

Top climbing months

August   43%

July   37%

September  18%

Most climbed route

Swiss Arete 5.7


  • Mount Sill is one of the 14 Califonia fourteeners.
  • Located in the Palisades, a group of striking rock peaks with a few small glaciers on their flanks.
  • Located 0.6 miles east of North Palisade, the high point of the group.
  • The two peaks are connected by a high, rocky ridge, on the north side of which lies the Palisade Glacier.
  • Summit lies on the main Sierra Crest but on a point where the crest turns sharply, giving it particularly striking summit views.
  • Routes on Mount Sill are found on all sides of the peak and range in difficulty from scrambles (Class 2-3) to moderately technical rock climbs (Class 5.7).