5,036 ft / 1,535 m


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3 summits

Top climbing months

August   66%

April   33%

Most climbed route

Naathagan Buttress

" From Barrio Gawahon, our 10-man party hiked on April 3, 2004 to our base of ascent in Sicaba-Tuo Camp by the Sicaba-Tuo Creek, situated between Dinamlagan Pk and the North Ridge of Mount Silay. We scrambled up the North Ridge on August 9, 2004 and followed the existing trail over its spine until it vanished near the the threshold of Silay summit-ridge. We stopped for lunch at a dry stream close to the West pinnacle. Nine climbers continued to the summit (East pinnacle), passing over the Middle pinnacle along the way. We climbed down late in the afternoon and spen" - dennis5033, Apr 9, 2004
"From our trail-head in Barrio Gawahon in Victorias City, Negros Occidental, our party trekked and set up camp at the base of Naathagan Buttress, a southwest buttress on the Dinamlagan South Wall. In the second day, we clambered up the spine of the buttress, encountering two huge rock boulders on the trail-less spine and pitched camp by dusk. In the third day, we spotted a trail on the wall and topped the summit ridge of Dinamlagan Pk close to the col of Mount Silay. We crossed the col, passing by a highland brook (approx. 4,200 ft in elevation), and topped the summit ridge. " - dennis5033, Aug 29, 1999
"This was my first exploratory venture with two members of the Singarong Backpackers. We attempted Mt Silay through the Naathagan Buttress and eventually scaled the summit in the third day." - Belle1973, Aug 29, 1999


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