4,167 ft / 1,270 m


247 ft / 75 m




216 summits

Top climbing months

June   16%

March   12%

May   12%

Most climbed route

Mount Si Trail (new trail)

Class 3 • 3,405 ft / 1,038 m gain


  • The most climbed peak in Washington? Happily join the over 100,000 people a year on Seattle's signature hike only 35 minutes from the city.
  • Vast majority of hikers stop before climbing to the true summit: the Haystack, a rock pinnacle reached by an exposed Class 3 scramble. Be careful!
  • 80% of the way up is forested... until the trail bursts into wide-open talus slopes and meadows dotted with rocky outcroppings... with ridiculi views.
  • The Old Mount Si Trail is shorter and steeper than the newer and currently main Mount Si Trail. Both have tons of switchbacks.
  • A popular fitness training hike for future Mount Rainier mountaineers. A large backpack full of water jugs is a giveaway.
  • Mount Si Trail is also a popular mountain trailrun... the oft-cited benchmark for excellent fitness used by mountain guides is climbing to the view rocks in under an hour (requires trail running).
"Belated start to my training for the Emmons Route on Rainier. Made it to the misty top in 80 minutes, then waded back through the stream of ear-budded hikers. One guy was running laps up and down the mountain, he was starting his 3rd trip up when I got to the bottom." - TynanRammGranberg, Apr 29, 2018
"Time to the top area (base of haystack), 2 hours (pretty good for me!). Scrambled up wet rock to the haystack summit in 45 min. Snowing and strong, cold wind on top. Question: the Green Trails map says the "twin peak" just behind (north of) the haystack is the true summit at 4167 ft. Is this true? The elevations must be very close. Do people go to the north summit via the little razorback between the two peaks? I wasn't going to try it without protection in driving snow today :) 3500 ft gain, 8 miles, 5:30 hrs" - markgarrett, Mar 23, 2016
"Just documenting - reached the top of the trail in 1 hour and 35 minutes and the base of the haystack in 1 hour and 45 minutes. Too icy to climb that day.....back down to the car in 57 minutes. " - BryHong8, Feb 6, 2016
"Did an after work training hike up Mount Si with fully loaded packs. It's been years since we've been on the trail, and it's in great shape. Switchbacks weren't quite as bad as I remembered, and at least at the beginning, it was nice to be in the shaded forest. The goal today was speed with big packs, and fortunately, starting at 5:00 meant we ran into very few people so we were able to go as fast as we were able to. We reached the base of the Haystack in 1 hour 50 minutes. We ditched the packs and scrambled up the Haystack. Other than a kid scrambling up there and back in half our time (" - BryHong8, Jun 4, 2015
"Flashed up the new trail this morning experimenting with a secret project for peakery. Still proving it out but so far pretty cool. Passed a ton of army guys as set a new PR 1:12 to rocks, 1:22 to top of Haystack. Good enough for King of the Mountain on Strava, awww yeah. Perfect sunny day. RT in 2:14. " - scott, May 21, 2015



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