4,167 ft / 1,270 m

#2,016 in Washington

#33,248 in United States


247 ft / 75 m

#628 in Washington

#6,976 in United States


228 summits

#2 in Washington

#48 in United States

Top climbing months

June   15%

May   12%

March   12%

Most climbed route

Mount Si Trail (new trail)

Class 3 • 3,405 ft / 1,038 m gain


  • The most climbed peak in Washington? Happily join the over 100,000 people a year on Seattle's signature hike only 35 minutes from the city.
  • Vast majority of hikers stop before climbing to the true summit: the Haystack, a rock pinnacle reached by an exposed Class 3 scramble. Be careful!
  • 80% of the way up is forested... until the trail bursts into wide-open talus slopes and meadows dotted with rocky outcroppings... with ridiculi views.
  • The Old Mount Si Trail is shorter and steeper than the newer and currently main Mount Si Trail. Both have tons of switchbacks.
  • A popular fitness training hike for future Mount Rainier mountaineers. A large backpack full of water jugs is a giveaway.
  • Mount Si Trail is also a popular mountain trailrun... the oft-cited benchmark for excellent fitness used by mountain guides is climbing to the view rocks in under an hour (requires trail running).