9,131 ft / 2,783 m


4,411 ft / 1,344 m


33 summits

Top climbing months

July   38%

June   26%

August   8%

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Sulfide Glacier

Class 3
"After 3 days on Mount Baker attempting a summit attempt and doing glacier travel training, we headed over to Mt. Shuksan, hoping for a break from the snow and rain we got hit with on Baker. The break in the weather lasted until we started on the Shannon Ridge Trail - as soon as we started hiking with full packs, the rains started. The trail starts mild along an old logging road, and ripening salmonberries are abundant right now. After the long straight stretch ended and the switchbacks began, the rains really picked up, and the trail turned into a creek, with constant mud and water running dow" - BryHong8, Jun 26, 2016
"After grabbing a permit at the ranger station, we arrived at the trailhead and began our long, but not too strenuous hike up to base camp for our summit day of Mount Shuksan. Our plan was to camp at 6500 feet, just above the start of the glacier where a few established campsites lied. As it turned out, we were the only people on the mountain that day. And what a day to be on it. The first part of the trail sucked. There’s no better way to categorize it. Initially, we found ourselves on an easy gravel trail, but it soon transitioned into an eroded trail akin to the White Mountains. But that " - justinraphaelson, Aug 7, 2015
"This was a NOLS mountaineering reunion trip. After gazing longingly at Mount Shuksan from the slopes of Mount Baker the summer before, a few of us decided to attempt the Southeast Rib route. We departed under moonlight up Sulphide Glacier and arrived at the base of the rock portion in the early morning. The climbing was fun and well-led by our guy Greg Hughes. After summitting, we rappelled using the standard route. There were many parties on the route and at times things got sketchy. While descending in the early afternoon, one of our teammates ended up with a foot in a shallow crevasse. A cr" - jameslkennedy, Jun 28, 2008
"Hike in to Lake Ann part of a Mountaineers climbing group and camp on July 13. Leave camp next morning at 5:10 a.m. and reach Fisher chimneys at 6:00 a.m., and Winnie's slide at 8:20 a.m. Winnie's slide is a 40 degree permanent snowfield in which we kick-steps to the top. Our route continues onto Upper Curtis glacier and through Hell's highway. We then traverse Sulphide glacier which leads to the summit pyramid. We reach the summit at 12:05 p.m. Views from the summit are awesome with Mt. Baker to the southwest, Mt. Rainier to the south, and Glacier peak to the southeast. After about ten " - mtngoat, Jul 14, 2001



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