14,179 ft / 4,322 m


9,822 ft / 2,994 m


113 summits

Top climbing months

July   28%

June   23%

May   19%

Most climbed route

Avalanche Gulch

  • Mount Shasta is the 2nd highest peak in the Cascades and can easily be seen from over 100 miles away.
  • Mount Shasta is huge. It is the most voluminous stratovolcano in the Cascades with an estimated volume of 85 cubic miles.
  • Has 7 named glaciers. The 4 largest (Whitney, Bolam, Hotlum, and Wintun) radiate down from the main summit cone.
  • Consists of 4 overlapping volcanic cones which have built a complex shape, including the main summit and the prominent satellite cone of 12,330-foot Shastina.
  • Many climbers attempt the summit of Mount Shasta. The summer climbing season runs from late April until October, although many attempts are made in the winter.
  • Most popular route is Avalanche Gulch with most people ascending over 2 days with a camp at Helen Lake.
  • Also a popular destination for backcountry skiing.
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