10,776 ft / 3,284 m


3,636 ft / 1,108 m




46 summits

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July   29%

August   19%

September  12%

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Mt. Rose Summit TH

"I was on vacation in Tahoe with Mom and I convinced her to join me on a trip to an SPS peak. She went as far as the waterfall and I ran up to the summit and down as quick as I could so as to not keep her waiting at the TH for too long." - klotito, Aug 20, 2017
"Started early morning from Jones Creek Trailhead along the scenic Creek Trailhead, Nice Trail all the way to the Peak. Stopped on Chocolate Peak on my way down. This is also the Washoe County High Point in Nevada. 16/17, my Second last County Highpoint in Nevada." - Nuernberger, Sep 12, 2016
"Snowshoes pretty much from the trailhead with lots of side hilling. Switched to crampons shortly after crossing Galena Creek and found a great line on the south face full of snow that took me almost to the summit and protected me from the wind. Once I crested out, the wind was the worst I have ever dealt with and knocked me over twice! I had originally planned to tag Church but the wind was too strong. Had a great glissade back down the gully I came up." - Christopher, Feb 5, 2015
"Second peak on Independence Day. Pushed it hard going up as clouds were building all along the crest, but it cleared up shortly after I summited. Great views of Tahoe, Reno, and the northern Sierra. Lots of folks were heading up to camp/watch fireworks from the top. Car to car in 4:50." - edg, Jul 4, 2013
"Had a little time before I picked my son up from completing his 1st year at UNR. Hike with snow shoes to the summit. Solo. Not always a good idea. My leg went through a snow bridge into a shallow creek. No problems. Great views from the top. I did not see anyone one on the mountain until I got near the car on my way back. " - mj3920, May 13, 2013



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