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Mt. Rose Summit TH

"Beautiful weather! I trail ran/hiked this peak in 3 hours. Ran the flat non-rocky parts and hiked the steepest parts. This is a well marked trail and there were a lot of people (and dogs) on the trail. The waterfall was partially frozen as were some of the little stream crossings. There was patching snow on the trail above the tree line just before I reached the summit. It was easily avoidable and didn’t bother me at all in my running shoes. Didn’t see a summit box, but there was a USGS summit marker on a large rock. Great trail. Would do this one again. " - firesoren90, Nov 17, 2018
"On a quick day trip to Tahoe finally made my way over to Mt Rose… the 3rd highest peak in Tahoe and one of the classic peaks in the Tahoe Twelve Peak Challenge. Due to the lack of trip reports online (plug: log your summits on peakery!) I pulled one of those bring-full-gear-just-in-case moves. Luckily no one saw me discreetly removing ice axe, crampons etc. at the car — trail was top-to-bottom snow free. The mostly moderate grade of the trail definitely makes this a do-able trail running peak. Started out running but right out of the gate took the wrong trail and ended up x-country’ing it " - scott, Jun 26, 2018
"I was on vacation in Tahoe with Mom and I convinced her to join me on a trip to an SPS peak. She went as far as the waterfall and I ran up to the summit and down as quick as I could so as to not keep her waiting at the TH for too long." - klotito, Aug 20, 2017
"Started early morning from Jones Creek Trailhead along the scenic Creek Trailhead, Nice Trail all the way to the Peak. Stopped on Chocolate Peak on my way down. This is also the Washoe County High Point in Nevada. 16/17, my Second last County Highpoint in Nevada." - Nuernberger, Sep 12, 2016
"Snowshoes pretty much from the trailhead with lots of side hilling. Switched to crampons shortly after crossing Galena Creek and found a great line on the south face full of snow that took me almost to the summit and protected me from the wind. Once I crested out, the wind was the worst I have ever dealt with and knocked me over twice! I had originally planned to tag Church but the wind was too strong. Had a great glissade back down the gully I came up." - Christopher, Feb 5, 2015



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