11,504 ft / 3,506 m


1,199 ft / 365 m


13 summits

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September  23%

November   23%

June   15%

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st mary's falls

"Serving a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints here in Colorado Springs. Hiked the summit with a few other missionaries on our preparation day. Beautiful view, fun hike." - ironman, Sep 5, 2016
"This hike was awesome! We started at at 11:00am the trail head for St. Mary's Falls and then broke off the trail to head up the next 3 miles to Mt. Rosa. My legs were cramping at the top but the view was so worth it. We got to the top around 2:30pm after the 7 mile trip up. The sky was super blue and clear. We came back down the mountain in a hurry and that was really fun. We ended up trailblazing to save some time. Great hike and the view was great. A total of 14 miles" - kylerlarose, Sep 5, 2016
"Started from Gold Camp Rd and took St. Mary's Falls Trail up to the top of Mt. Rosa. Great hike all the way up. Some snow after the saddle on the ridge to the summit. Postholed quite a ways up but once past the trees it cleared quickly. " - grizzlyclimber, Jun 7, 2015



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