12,887 ft / 3,928 m


4 summits

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June   25%

July   25%

September  25%

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South slope

"Climbed Mt. Rixford from the slopes above Bullfrog Lake then traversed over to Mt. Gould. When dropping down from the summit, I tried to find the scree chute described by Secor. The one I went down looked loose but was actually like concrete resulting in an unplanned and painful "glissade" down the steep chute. The rest of the traverse was enjoyable." - klotito, Sep 2, 2016
"Climbed up this peak via Kearsarge Pass. The walk up is entirely on boulders and it makes for a long arduous hike. Wildflowers were abundant all over the peak which was a special treat. We took the incredibly steep scree field back towards the pass on top of the peak. As you can see by the picture it is _steep_. However, this saved us a lot of time and there were even more types of wildflowers since it eventually turned into a creek. We did not find the register and fear it taken." - Irrationalist, Jul 12, 2014



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