13,149 ft / 4,007 m


3,957 ft / 1,206 m


12 summits

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July   50%

August   33%

June   8%

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Southeast Glacier


  • Mount Ritter is located in the Sierra Nevada Range and is made of a strikingly dark rock.
  • Ritter is quite prominent due to its height (over 13,000 feet) and isolation.
  • Lies in the middle of the Ritter Range, which includes Banner Peak and the Minarets. The prominent and memorable shape of the Ritter-Banner pair is visible from high elevations far to both north and south in the Sierras.
"A stunning area. Camped at Lake Ediza and climbed Mt. Ritter fresh the next day. This was a hard climb with solid class 3 up the cliffs to the base of the SE glacier. Tried to climb Banner Peak the next day from the Ritter-Banner Saddle, but the glacier was so slushy that upward progress was too difficult." - klotito, Aug 21, 2016
"Probably my proudest peak ever. The first real California peak that I researched and planned the routes for. Lots of exposed rock, cool glacier travel. We got some lightening storms in the summit and got pretty close to bivying when the descent route wasn't obvious. " - paperpanther, Jul 12, 2008



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