4,606 ft / 1,404 m


262 ft / 80 m


70 summits

Top climbing months

August   20%

June   18%

July   14%

Most climbed route

Redfield herdpath

"What a day, hit Redfield and Cliff, the conditions were not supposed to be as great as they were so Deb and I lucked out. Absolutely gorgeous weather and what a work out this hike is. Left from Upper Works at 6:20am. didn't get back until 6:45pm. Redfield was something, hiking along a beautiful stream almost all the way to the summit! Cliff was the challenge everyone said it would be! An absolute mud pit from start to finish and some real steep and slippery spots. Worth every step, found this hike to be a great challenge and accomplishment. " - hbotc, Jun 10, 2017
"Cliff&Redfield. 42&43 respectively. The beginning notes of this hike can be found on my Cliff log. After coming down mostly on my butt off of Cliff I was back at the junction (10:45) and took a sharp right to get out to Redfield. My leg cramps were being a real bear and I was grateful I selected to do this peak second instead of first. It was a slow ascent, I stopped frequently to hydrate and stretch, but I think my leg cramps were just due to my inactivity over the past month. The hike was nice and steady, well-packed and easy to follow, no crazy climbs whatsoever. I reached the summit around" - kellieirene, Jan 17, 2017
"After Cliff, Redfield was next. This one was annoying. A dissolving monorail on top of a brook most of the way up. I didn't post hole at all. Instead, I would have sections of the monorail just collapse under my weight, so I would usually still be on top of the ice/snow when it hit the water. Eventually reached the summit. Great views to the south and west further into the ADK's. Managed to get back to my car before dark. " - newenglandwarrior, May 6, 2016
"We enjoyed a great hike into the Flowed Lands on our way to Red and Cliff to earn our Winter Peaks 43 and 44. The walk to the Flowed Lands is a relaxing grade over 4.6 miles and crossing the ponds in winter was beautiful. After roughly 8.0 miles we reach the Red / Cliff herdpath junction and take the herdpath to red which gains ~ 1400' over 1.4 miles (longer than I remembered). From here we descended and crossed over to Cliff - a quicker climb of 650' over a mile but with significant ice on the cliffs which made it very tough. Once at the summit we made the decision to try the bushwhack ba" - deb-and-rob, Mar 5, 2016
"Woke up at 5 AM after a night at Uphill. Got to summit at 6-ish. Enjoyable but challenging climb up a stream bed most of the way. Summit has great views of Allen and other peaks in the distance." - petergnade46, Jul 29, 2015



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