7,201 ft / 2,195 m


2,801 ft / 854 m


15 summits

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August   33%

July   20%

September  20%

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Mount Pugh Trail

"Snow has arrived at 7,000 feet! Well, a bit of a dusting at least. The last 200 feet of Mount Pugh had a dusting of snow this morning, which very well could have been gone by the afternoon, but the snow, wind, clouds, and chill in the air were certainly a reminder that winter is coming. This was our first time on Mount Pugh, and interestingly enough, every party we talked to today was also experiencing the mountain for the first time. Not sure why we were all on the same wavelength today, but certainly glad we got this one in this year. Of all the day hikes we've done, this one ranks right up " - BryHong8, Oct 2, 2016
"Perfect blueby day; was time to finally hit this classic. My brand-spankin-new mtneering boots were screaming for some vert, and with 5300 vert ft Mt Pugh delivered. Snow has 100% melted from the trail; pounds of gear never made it outside of my pack. Loved the ridge walk section of the trail: airy and high bang-for-the-buck. Glacier Peak from the summit looks huge and deceptively close. Long, long descent succeeded in breaking in my feet, not my boots. " - scott, Aug 11, 2012
"Crossed over 4 little streams and a mini waterfalls the first mile. When you get to the big boulder field, remember to go to the right! Used my ice axe at 6,000 ft. where the trail disappeared from the steep slope of snow. Sat on false summit for a good 20 minutes before deciding to go for the true summit with the scramble. It was well worth it - 360 degree panoramic views. I couldn't stop staring at Glacier Peak and Baker! Rainier was there with a few clouds. It was clear enough to even see Stuart. " - aimk13, Jul 29, 2012
"Summitted in August of 1989 or 1990, but couldn't see anything from the summit because of clouds. Tried again in June 1991 in clear weather, but did not summit because of steep snow. " - RonaldJames, Aug 19, 1990



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