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  • Mount Princeton is a Colorado 14er in the Collegiate Peaks of the Sawatch Range.
  • This distinctive peak stands by itself. While not one of the highest peaks of the Sawatch, it is perhaps the most dramatic as it stands separate from other peaks and rises more abruptly from the Arkansas valley than the other peaks of the range.
  • To the constant annoyance of those affiliated with Yale University, Mt Princeton is one foot higher than neighbor Mount Yale.
"Hiked over Tigger and on to Princeton. A winter storm moved in by the time I made the summit. Was so exhausted decided to go across the snow banks on the north side. Very tedious , but solid. " - Brandon-Shinsplint-, Mar 18, 2018
"Our final 14er for this trip. A nice rocky/bouldery trail with a very short dirt section. Fortunately on the 3+ mile road approach we got driven up by some nice folks with a pickup almost to the beginning of the actual trail. On our way back the road was a bit tedious and no offers of a ride from the vehicles heading down. Clouds occluded most of the views from the summit but we did some glimpses of other peaks as the clouds parted for a few minutes. Back to BV for pizza and beer before the pm showers started." - Nimblefoot, Jul 14, 2017
"No snow encountered the entire route. We were able to drive up to 11.6k before the road became too sketchy. Crystal clear views across the Sawatch, the Aspen area and even to Uncompahgre in the SW. Complete TR: www.themtsarecalling.com/princeton" - Christopher, Nov 26, 2016
"I climbed this one with a group of people. Some of the people I knew and had climbed with before, some I had not. We drove as far up the 4wd as we could till we encountered some snow drifts that were impassible, then continued from there. Almost the entirety of the route was clear of snow, except for just a few sections. After we made summit, the weather was really nice so we decided to hang out there for a while. After spending an hour or so up there, we decided to continue on to Tigger Peak, an unranked 13er. Right as we reached the summit of Tigger, some light rain and hail came in. We cont" - IanWright, Jun 11, 2016
"Today’s goal was Mount Princeton. Princeton is about a 6.5-mile hike with 3200 feet of elevation gain, which is similar to our previous two summits, Bierstadt and Quandary. I woke up feeling very un-refreshed after attempting to sleep in the seat of a car. Justin swears by it, but in my opinion, there is absolutely no way to get comfortable enough to sleep in a car seat. My legs kept falling asleep, my back had no support, and really it was just awkward. Sleep or no sleep, at 6:30am we were off on the trail. The trail actually started off as a continuation of the dirt road we took to the ca" - justinraphaelson, Jul 13, 2015



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