8,612 ft / 2,625 m


6 summits

Top climbing months

February   42%

September  28%

July   14%

Most climbed route

East Ridge trail

"Trailrun up the Northstar summer trail network. Was gunning for the summit but took a wrong turn up a fireroad and ran out of steam around 7800ft. A short distance down I came face to face with a huge black bear. It lumbered out onto the trail and just stared at me. I said in a calm voice, "Hey Bear! Just going to go on through" or something like that. It just looked at me with total disinterest and lumbered off the trail up the slope. Added a bit of adrenaline." - scott, Sep 3, 2017
"The wife and I had some time to kill before a family gathering/dinner so we wandered around the Northstar ski area and found ourselves on top of Pluto and Lookout mountain. Mostly downhillers on two wheels who took the lift up and only a few hikers. " - Nimblefoot, Jul 19, 2017


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